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Creative Team

We are a fashion platform combining creative e-contents and real life opinions from the industry. Branding & styling specialists, consultants, and professional photographers are all ready, to make a breakthrough to provide a whole new fashion experience.

• Branding & Styling

Branding is always a key pillar to success. We have in-house art director and experienced designers who have been working for branding before combining our team.

• Consultation

We provide professional advice from art direction, styling, sourcing props to hiring designers. Need our advice? Come to us anytime!

• Photoshoot and Video Production

Thanks to our talented rosters and industry insiders, the photoshoots and videos are pretty amazing. Feel free to contact the featured fashion photographer to product photographer if you love their work.

Marketing PR Team

We are responsible for both on & offline marketing. We provide marketing analysis and content development for your business. With rich experience and passion, we are always ready for show room functions and press events.

Merchandising Team

We work closely with our designers and pick the right brand, and right product exclusively for you.

CSM & Logistic Team

Count on us after you have placed your order. We take care of every order and promise the best customer service.