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About us

IN FITTING ROOM is an online fashion retail platform with stories to tell. We believe that fashion is fun and interactive. Brilliant fashion ideas, styling advice, and "behind the scene" stories about the industry are all you can find here. Collaborated with talented designers from all around the globe, all fashion pieces that can be found in our shop are carefully selected with guaranteed quality.

We value originality, creativity and all kind of styles, from minimal to avant-garde to sports luxe. Through exclusive monthly stories, editorial photoshoots and the exciting online shopping experience, we hope to make friends with designers, industry insiders, and our customers to share the love of fashion.

Why Hong Kong?

Known as a cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong has high acceptance towards diversity and variety. Not only luxury brands and fast fashions that are prominent, but rooms are also being opened up for gifted individuals to create their fashion labels. Hong Kong is ready for new collaboration and daring changes in the fashion industry, mixing the Eastern and Western culture.

Located strategically in the heart of Asia, high accessibility to the region and Mainland China’s growing markets makes Hong Kong very competitive. With strong, recognizable reputation among international brands, Hong Kong is a port for fresh fashion labels to spread their wings.

A dynamic city with high living quality and unlimited possibilities for our business to grow, Hong Kong has to offer as many benefits as it can to promote good taste in fashion and lifestyle.