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IN FITTING ROOM is a Hong Kong based concept boutique featuring carefully selected range of contemporary fashion label. With our online editorial program, we have gathered a diverse community of creative individuals from Hong Kong fashion industry. We invite you to experience this unique vision through our digital platform. For the very first project, we have gathered 5 local professionals to work on the project from scratch and we have affiliated with local universities to support the 6 top tier students in different major.

Stepping into Chungking Mansions, a building which interconnects commercial and residential usage with colonial history, IN FITTING ROOM made a debut photoshoot under the complex feeling that it gives, and the story about Hong Kong starts here.

Classic Cap:88 SALON
Flared Denim Jeans:88 SALON
Ribbon Bomber Jacket:88 SALON


Long Sleeves T-shirt: 88 SALON
Trousers: 88 SALON
Leather Choker: LAT
Earrings: IVONOVI

Sporty Tailor Top : LAT
Wide Leg Pants: LAT
Accessories: IVONOVI
Shoes: 8CUFF

Sprorts Bra : 8CUFF
Ruffled Skirt : SMK
Earrings: COSH
Choker: LAT
Bracelet: IVONOVI

Long Sleeves T-shirt: 88 SALON
Necklace: IVONOVI

Photography: Egill Bjarki, Egill Bjarki Production
Creative Director : Sue Suh, 8CUFF
Stylist : Elton Wong
Hair stylist: Pim Leung, Toni & Guy
Make-up artist : Ayu Wong
Model : Guo Chao Chao, Wilson Chung, Matilde Søes
Assistants : Risa Kamiki, Shaneen Sadie, Wan Yuet Tung, Yim Kit Ki
from HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College,
and Chan Wing Shuen, Wong Chi Sang from Birmingham City University


Looks we love for now and later.